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My name is Orane Campbell, I am a Freelance Webdesigner/Developer with a very knowledgeable background in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I enjoy working on projects that allows me to get creative in the process as such, i tend to dive into many areas such as graphic design, ui|ux, game design and more.

Please take your time and go through my content. I hope you like what you see here and if your interested in acquiring my skills and expertise.

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My Offered Services

Website Services

Basic Landing Pages

FrontEnd Development

PHP BackEnd Development

Custom Wordpress Themes

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Brand Design

Webpage UI Mockups

Application UI Mockups

Game Design

Concept Art

Background Art

3D Character Modelling

Unity Engine Development

Software Dev

Qt Gui Development

Java Interface Development

Standard Application Systems

My Works

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